Skill set increase & IT outstaffing

Sometimes the project goals might require skills your in-house IT team does not have, and finding the required talent might require lots of time. Team extension helps deal with this demand, as we provide the specialist that works remotely as a part of your team and contributes to the project completion.

Business app and website development

We enable the businesses to go online and engage their audience with beautifully crafted apps and websites. This is done by employing Python, PHP, Laravel, .NET, and Java developers, QA and automated testing engineers.

Software delivery automation

We help automate the mundane tasks by providing experienced DevOps engineers and cloud architects, site reliability engineers and database administrators.


The ready product might be good but will be of no use if the target audience does not know about it. We provide designers, SMM specialists, marketing managers, and copywriters to help with promotion of your products and/or services and winning the love of your customers.