Business transformation and CoE

Enterprise business that wants to adopt the latest technology and best practices can establish a Center of Excellence. By hiring external talents to act as tutors and mentors the company can train the group of visionaries, who will later promote the new practices across the enterprise.

Assessment of the corporate culture and practices in place.

Once the external specialists assess the existing corporate culture and practices, they can identify the possible room for improvement and gather the feedback from the stakeholders on how to best implement the introduction of DevOps culture and workflows.

Delivering a pilot project to showcase the benefits of DevOps.

The pilot project will be done by a group of key employees from across the company, who will learn to use the DevOps principles and practices in their daily work. The CoE specialists will teach the trainees to use the DevOps tools and CI/CD pipelines

Spreading the expertise across the company.

The trained employees become the pushing force of transformation, the visionaries in their respective departments. The CoE staff then helps them innovate in their daily work, applying their experience with real-life DevOps business cases to meet the company goals.