Cloud migration & legacy optimization

To remain competitive, the business should actively innovate. DevOps is the methodology, culture, set of practices and a toolchain that facilitates innovation by enabling more predictable and reliable software delivery, updates and management. This is what dedicated DevOps teams from HireUkraine do

Infrastructure assessment

Using our rich experience and understanding of the best practices of cloud architecture organisation, we audit the customer’s existing infrastructure, software architecture, processes and tools.

Site reliability engineering.

Once we have visualized the current situation, the existing challenges and bottlenecks, and the goals we should achieve, we design and implement the custom-tailored cloud solutions that will be able to overcome the existing limitations and enable the business to continuously innovate. The tools used are Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, GitHub, etc.

CI/CD pipelines implementation for software delivery.

Smart logging, monitoring and alerting ensures the system remains operational, cost-efficient and profitable. Automation of routine tasks and minute monitoring of production environments ensure the resources are allocated correctly. This is done by using the DevOps tools like Jenkins, Ansible, CircleCI or Gitlab CI, Prometheus+Grafana+Zabbix or Icinga+Nagios, ELK stack or Sumologic, etc.