Big Data solutions development

Many businesses nowadays attempt to utilize their machine-generated Big Data more efficiently. Dedicated Big Data teams from HireUkraine can design and implement custom-tailored data analytics solutions for you or configure the required third-party services and products to ensure maximum ROI.

Audit of customer’s existing data analytics solutions, workflows and toolchain

Whether you don’t have any data analytics in place, or the existing solution does not suffice, we can assess the software ecosystem in place using Jupyter Notebook, MindMap, Matplotlib, Scikit-Image, etc

Design and implementation of cost-efficient Big Data solutions, ML models and AI algorithms

Once the room for growth and the challenges to overcome are identified, HireUkraine Big Data architects can design and deliver the required solutions using Docker Registry, PyCharm, Google BigQuery, Celery, TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, OpenCV, spacy, AWS ML, Google Cloud AI, etc.

Delivering informative Big Data visualization and database management

n order to be efficient, the data analytics solutions must be informative and work reliably. We enable this with Jupyter Notebook, Tableau, D3.js, Google chart, Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Cloud Datastore and BigTable, Apache Kafka, etc.