Why the team from Ukraine is your optimal choice

November 8, 2018

Outsourcing helps solve lots of problems, but it also poses certain challenges. Working with a dedicated team from Ukraine can be the answer to these challenges — and here is why.

European companies are struggling to remain competitive. One of the best choices to secure a healthy bottom line is cutting down on in-house team wages. While the initial software product development might require quite a large team, its later support usually does not. Thus said, the time and money invested in building the in-house software development team will essentially be wasted — and this amounts to quite large sums. This is why IT outsourcing is so popular, as you get the formed teams that are composed of experienced professionals and are ready to start working on your project from day one.

Ukraine and Eastern Europe as a whole are the most popular destination for IT outsourcing nowadays, for a wide variety of reasons:

  1. Ukraine was named the best destination for developing cybersecurity solutions in a recent HackerRank challenge, and was amidst top 5 for Mathematics. Poland took the first place for Java apps, Hungary for Tutorials and the Czech Republic for Shell apps.
  2. There are more than 100 R&D centers of global companies in Ukraine. The industries include eCommerce, banking, gaming, manufacturing, travel, insurance, software development, home appliances, software, and high-tech products, while the brands listed are Boeing, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Magento, Skype, and Wargaming
  3. 18 positions out of 100 in the IAOP Global Outsourcing report of 2017 were taken by the companies from Ukraine. Many of these companies are also listed as leaders in their respective categories by Gartner, Bloomberg, Forbes, and other authoritative agencies
  4. Ukraine has the 4th largest IT talent pool in Ukraine with above 160,000 software developers, DevOps engineers, Big Data analysts, cloud infrastructure architects, Machine Learning specialists, and auxiliary professionals
  5. Ukraine is the world’s 5th largest exporter of IT services, according to the PWC report
  6. Ukrainian export of IT services grows at a steady pace of ~30% annually. It has increased by ~$1,1bn in 2017 totaling $3,7bn and maintains the pace in 2018
  7. Ukraine’s time zone is UTC+2, meaning most of the work hours overlap with the European customers and the US have their tasks done overnight
  8. Gartner lists Ukraine amidst top 30 offshoring destinations for around 5 last consecutive years, and the country steadily grows in the rating
    AgileEngine named Eastern Europe the best region for outsourcing and Ukraine sits at the third place, after Poland and Romania
    GSA UK named Ukraine the #1 outsourcing destination of 2017.

Aside from the reasons listed above, HireUkraine has many more aces up our sleeve. We house 20+ Middle and Senior software developers, DevOps engineers, Big Data analysts, cloud architecture engineers, etc. All of our employees have fluent or Upper-Intermediate English and are able to communicate with the customers directly without issues. If we cannot fill all the project roles with our core team — we can pick and choose from more than 10,000 CV of IT professionals in our talent pool.

A lot more reasons exist, but it’s better to experience once than to be told a dozen times. Thus said, only by hiring a dedicated team in Ukraine you can see that this is the optimal choice for outsourcing the IT projects for your business!

Final thoughts on choosing Ukraine for IT outsourcing

Over 6 years of operations, HireUkraine has developed polished internal workflows and mastered multiple tools and best practices, enabling us to deliver on time and at a persistent level of quality. We can handle projects of varying scope and help you drive value to your customers while saving on product development and ongoing maintenance.

If you want to hire the best — contact HireUkraine and we will make this happen!