How HireUkraine builds qualified dedicated teams

November 8, 2018

Building a dedicated team for an outsourcing project can be a daunting perspective if you had no prior experience with the process. However, this is actually done quite easily.

There are two main models of project management we exercise. You can either have a dedicated team as an extension of your in-house staff and manage them directly — or you can work with an appointed Team Lead. On the other hand, you can have a personal Project Manager who will take care of the organizational routine for you, inform you of the project progress and gather the required feedback. This is how HireUkraine helps the businesses who need some external help with their projects.

Core team readily available

We have a core team of 20+ Senior and Middle Developers. We can fill almost all the roles for a project of small-to-medium scope with our internal talent pool. They have both a sound technical background and a Fluent or Upper-Intermediate English, so the project communication will be fluent and efficient.

Team extension or dedicated team models

We can either imbue your team with our remote specialists or provide you with a qualified dedicated team under the management of a Project Manager/Team Lead.

In the former case, you manage the remote team members directly and they use the same communication and collaboration tools and workflows as your in-house staff. This way you are in direct control of the way the project progresses and can evaluate the costs and the terms of the development firsthand.

In the latter case, we provide the end-to-end product development from fleshing out the idea to releasing the ready product. The team operates in our office and you communicate with a personal Project Manager, who takes care of administrative and managerial routine, so you can concentrate on your business and check the project progress anytime.

The large talent pool at your fingertips

In case we have to add more talents to the team, we have a pre-vetted database of 10,000 developers, which accounts for at least 15% of the whole pool of developers in Ukraine. Due to our strong HR expertise, we evaluate both the technical background and the soft skills of the candidates to ensure you receive a true team able to work seamlessly together, not merely a group of individuals.

3 stages of screening to highlight the best talents

Once the team requirements are specified, we can supplement lots of candidates for each role, so the replacement can happen if a particular candidate does not meet your demands.
We perform the 3-stage screening and interviewing to shortlist the candidates and you approve the best fits after a final interview.

The first stage of the screening involves evaluating the candidate’s technical background based on their CV’s and/or feedback on job boards and freelancer portals. The second stage requires the candidates to complete the test task based on the project requirements at hand. The last stage is the live interview to evaluate the candidate’s personality and soft skills.

This way we are able to build efficient teams quickly and ensure you receive bot a group of individuals who have to adjust to each other, but a well-coordinated team that can work as a whole to ensure the success of your project.

Efficient project onboarding

The team can visit your office or you can visit us in Kharkiv, Ukraine, to enable the project onboarding and establish the necessary workflows. The team will discuss the preferred methods of communication, the most efficient toolchain, the frequency of reporting and all the required peculiarities of project management to merge seamlessly into your existing workflows and business practices.

Conclusions on working with dedicated teams from HireUkraine

There are multiple ways to build your team. You can try the path of trial and error and try to build a good team through the job boards and freelancer marketplaces, you can manage your remote team personally as a part of your in-house IT department, or you can hire experienced teams of developers from a trustworthy IT outsourcing agency, like HireUkraine.

Thus said, if you want a ready team to start working on your project from day one — you need only to contact us!