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Full-stack CMS development

This HireUkraine project required developing a CMS from scratch for a customer from Russian Federation. The customer was a marketing company with hundreds of customers and was already using some bespoke solution with Critical CSS. Moving the whole database to a proprietary solution was considered unnecessary, as the company decided to build a product for themselves and later sell it.


PHP, Laravel, CSS, DevOps, AWS, CI/CD, QA, Node.js


The CMS had to have intuitive and user-friendly interface, provide all the basic CMS functionality and some advanced features, utilize Critical CSS and have a modular structure to enable swift integration of third-party add-ons and plugins. The time scope was set to 6 months.


HireUkraine provided a PM, a designer, a front-end developer, 2 back-end developers and a QA specialist. We used Laravel, the most popular PHP framework to create the platform in a modular, easily adjustable fashion. The rest of the technology stack used included AWS features for DevOps CI/CD pipelines, Node.JS and Critical CSS for frontend development, Selenium and Codeception for QA and testing. We have completed the work on time and more than 1,000 copies of the system were sold since 2016.


PHP, Laravel, CSS, DevOps, AWS, CI/CD, QA, Node.js


The platform performs well and sells successfully. HireUkraine impressed us with their timely deliveries, technical capabilities, and strong project management.